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Armagnac is the oldest eau de vie (literally “water of life”) in France.

Famous in the Middle Ages for its therapeutic virtues, but became a widely used spirit during the fifteenth century.

It is produced by a single distillation of white wine in an Armagnac alambic (still) and

then left to age for many years in oak barrels before being sold, it is available in vintages and blends.

Destroyed by phylloxera during the years 1870, the vineyard was reborn at the beginning of the century.

In the  XIXth century, the trade of Armagnac reached its apogee.

It was in 1909, under the presidency of Mister Fallière, that a decree delimited the region of production

of this eau de vie.

The decree of the 6th of August 1936 will define the “Appellation d’origine Contrôlée ” of Armagnac

and its three regions.




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